Date: 13th November 2018

We wish to advise that the SACPCMP is one of the six (6) Councils for the Built Environment Professions(CBEPs)that has been established by Acts of Parliament and in the case of the SACPCMP this is through Act No 48 of 2000.

What is synonymous with each of these CBEP’s is that under Section 18 of the Act they prescribe the categories of Registration that reside under the ambit of each of these CBEP’s. Under Section 18(1)(a) of the SACPCMP Act, it prescribes the professional categories of registration as being that of a Professional Construction Project Manager (PrCPM) and Professional Construction Manager (PrCM). Section 18(1)(c) of the same Act also gives Council the powers to register Specified Categories it may prescribe from time.

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