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Professional Skills and Capacity Development (PSCD)


The PSCD TCC is established in terms of the following sections of the Council for the Built Environment Act (No. 43 of 2000) (the CBE Act) as a sub-committee of the Built Environment Matters Committee (BEMC):

    1. promote ongoing human resources development in the built environment;
    1. promote liaison in the field of training in the Republic and elsewhere and to promote the standards of such training in the Republic;
    1. serve as a forum where the representatives of the built environment professions may discuss relevant -
      1. required qualifications;
      2. standards of education;
      3. training and competence;
    1. provide advice and consultation on national policy that could impact on the built environment, human resource development in relation to the built environment professions, and the recognition of new professions
    1. in consultation with councils for the professions, obtain recognition for the councils for the professions as bodies responsible for the establishment of education and training standards in terms of the South African Qualifications Authority Act, 1995 (Act No. 58 of 1995);

The committee will contribute to Government’s Priority 2: Education, skills and health.

The purpose of the PSCD TCC is to:

  1. Focus on skills development initiatives and their implementation to increase the number of black professionals in the sector
  2. Consider whether programmes intended to address the skills gap are aligned and integrated; and whether Government is deriving value for money from the investment into skills development programmes for the built environment
  3. Consider proposals to accelerate skills development programmes, including the possibility of establishing a single built environment skills fund
  4. Work on how best to establish a national skills plan that leads to artisanship as a career-choice

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Recommend appropriate action to BEMC for recommendation to the CBE Council
  2. Ensure continued interface and alignment with the CBE mandate and strategic objectives
  3. Endorse a transformed and skilled built environment of SA First
  4. That relevant Acts with other registered professional bodies are not in duplicate of the CBE mandate or encroachment thereof
  5. Advocate for the 4IR and/or Digitalisation in the Built Environment and skills transformation, which will inform Action Design Research and Future of Work
  6. Effective working relations among the six Councils for the Built Environment Professions, universities, employers and relevant stakeholders based on the needs analysis

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