Date: 08 April 2024

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The Council for the Built Environment (CBE) celebrates its 22 years of existence on April 8, 2024, under the theme: Past, present, and future mirror. 

This milestone is not just a celebration but a moment of reflection on our journey thus far, and our impact on the Built Environment sector in South Africa. The journey of CBE is intertwined with the democratization of the Built Environment in South Africa and as such, CBE is a “Tintswalo” of the Built Environment sector.

In the run up to this momentous occasion, Chief Executive Officer Dr Msizi Myeza, in 2022, presented the concept paper for developing a CBE 20-Year Anniversary Review Report to the CBE’s Fifth Term Council (led by Chairperson, Dr Sitsabo Dlamini) who approved this project.  It was handed over to and embraced by the current Sixth Term Council (led by Chairperson Ms Amelia Mtshali), whose strategic direction and insights on the project formed the baseline to guide the development of the CBE’s five-year strategic plan, duly approved by Council in March 2024. In the main, the Report covers the following thematic areas:

Navigating Change:

Our 22-year journey mirrors South Africa’s Built Environment evolution in the context of regulatory frameworks. The CBE’s First Term Council forged new paths, overcoming significant hurdles of setting up structures and systems. This was followed by the development of Policy Frameworks which subsequently led to the development of standards. The Third Term Council continued to redefine the CBE’s direction and operations. The Fourth Term Council followed with repositioning the organisation to tackle new challenges confronting the sector. The Fifth Term Council built on this momentum, focusing its energies on fulfilling the CBE’s mandate. All of these defining thrusts are under pinned by a drive within the organization to ensure that our 22 years of experience propel us to even the greater heights.

Holistic Approach:

The CBE has adopted a holistic approach by integrating advisory services for strategic guidance, regulatory measures to enforce compliance, and coordination roles to ensure seamless collaboration, promoting public interest, sustainable development practices, and fostering human resource development. As an organization we are committed to prioritizing health, safety, and environmental protection, while ensuring the consistent application of norms and guidelines in the Built Environment sector.

The reflective journey of our past, present and future has highlighted several successes, however numerous challenges remain. The CBE is utilising this mirror to not just reflect, but to craft new and innovative ways to ensure that the Built Environment sector is transformed and professionalised.


As we celebrate our 22 years of existence, we reaffirm our commitment to driving positive change in the Built Environment sector and creating opportunities for women, young professionals, and persons with disabilities. Together, we must strive to create a future where infrastructure development is not only efficient and innovative but also socially responsible and environmentally sustainable for perpetuity. 

Join us in the journey of celebrating the CBE’s 22nd anniversary. This journey will be anchored around the launch of the 20-Year Anniversary Review Report in the next few weeks.  



About the CBE:

The Council for the Built Environment (CBE) is a Schedule 3A Public Entity that reports to the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure. It is a regulatory body established under the Council for the Built Environment Act 43 of 2000 (the CBE Act) that coordinates the following six Councils for the Built Environment Professions – Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Property Valuers, Project and Construction Management, and Quantity Surveying – and through memoranda of understanding these include Town and Regional Planning, Land Surveying, and Environmental Assessment.

The CBE was established for the purpose of instilling good conduct within the Built Environment Professions, mobilising transformation in the Built Environment Professions, protecting the interest of the public in the Built Environment and advising the South African Government on Built Environment related issues. For more information visit:


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