Identification of work

Identification of Work is the work identified by any of the six Built Environment Professional Councils that may only be performed by persons registered in any of the categories of registration recognised by that particular professional Council according to that Profession’s Act.

Identification of Work is called for in Section 20 of the CBE Act as a means of designing policies and arrangements, assuring that all professions and categories of registered persons are treated in an equal manner in the universe of the built environment, increase competitiveness and to allow effective competition within the various professions.

Identification of Work is a concept that is used in defining practice and services by registered persons under legislation regulating built environment professions .While it articulated a boundary management system, it is not merely about distinguishing one profession or category of registration within a profession from one another, but it is also about managing the boundaries around the whole family of professions and their mode of interaction to deliver an efficient system.

Purpose of identification of work is to:
  • Provide a coordinated framework for the demarcation of functions, professions and professional categories of registration to affect the principles of built environment professions regulations.
  • Provide a framework for utilizing competencies as a single source of defining minimum entry standards according to registration of qualifications and accreditation of programmes set through South Africa Qualifications (ASQA) and Council for Higher Education(CHE).
  • Provide for the effective and efficient utilization mechanisms of addressing and recognizing overlaps and duplications in certain professions.
  • Ensure that professional functions are performed only by persons with the necessary competence.” It is primarily on the basis of public health and safety that regulation of the profession is motivated in South Africa.
  • Maintain quality and standards, as well as value for money.
  • Increase uniformity of standards; and
  • Create enabling environment in which qualified persons are able to receive recognition for their competence and in which the minimum competence requirements for functions are identified in a realistic manner.

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