Legislation enabling the Council for the Built Environment (CBE) and the six councils for the built environment professions (the CBEP) requires a process by which work only to be performed by a person registered in the appropriate category, be identified. This process is referred to as Identification of Work (IDoW). The Competition Commission has ruled that the identified work, in its current form, is anti-competitive and cannot be implemented. The Commission however recently agreed to, through an advocacy process, engage with the CBE on the identification of work process. The CBE is committed to conduct this process in an inclusive manner and envisages the process to be along the following lines:

  1. To obtain comprehensive reasons from the Commission on its censure regarding the implementation of identification of work.
  2. To consult with CBEP and all other stakeholders on the identification of work. (It is envisaged that the revised identification of work will differ fundamentally from the previous submissions.)
  3. To constantly engage with the Commission to ensure compliance with the Competition Act.

CBE will provide feedback to stakeholders through its website every quarter. Stakeholders are invited to pose questions and comments on the process to pieter@cbe.org.za, sihle@cbe.org.za, or meltonia@cbe.org.za.