What we do


The Council for the Built Environment (CBE), located in Pretoria is a statutory body established under the Council for the Built Environment Act (No. 43 of 2000).

It is an overarching body that coordinates six Councils for the Built Environment Professions - Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architects, Project and Construction Management, Property Valuation, and Quantity Surveying.

The mandate of the CBE, as stated in Section 3 of the CBE Act 43 of 2000 is to:

  1. promote and protect the interests of the public in the built environment.
  2. promote and maintain a sustainable built environment and natural environment.
  3. promote ongoing human resource development in the built environment.
  4. facilitate participation by the built environment professions in integrated development in the context of national goals.
  5. promote appropriate standards of health, safety and environmental protection within the built environment.
  1. promote sound governance of the built environment professions.
  2. promote liaison in the field of training in South Africa and elsewhere, and to promote the standards of such training in the country.
  3. serve as a forum where the built environment professions can discuss relevant issues.
  4. ensure uniform application of norms and guidelines set by the councils for the professions throughout the built environment.