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Workplace Training Programme

An intern is an undergraduate from a University of Technology, who requires workplace training to complete his/her academic qualifications. The aim of this project is to collaborate with Universities of Technology to place students with employers for the completion of workplace experience component (i.e. Practical 1 and 2) towards the fulfilment of their diploma qualifications. This work-integrated experience prepares the intern for the culture of the work place. The CBE also monitors and evaluates the workplace training of these interns.

A candidate is graduate who requires workplace training to enable him/her to register as a fully-fledged BE professional with the council of the profession concerned. This project aims to ensure that BE candidates achieve maximum professional development and strive towards their professional registration in the shortest possible time by:
  • Conducting workplace assessments and accreditation;
  • Drawing up a generic training plan for the profession, in alignment with the CBEP competency profile;
  • Drawing a detailed training plan for each candidate; and
  • Assisting mentors to conduct a formative assessment of each outcome, according to the South African Qualifications Authority’s (SAQA’s) requirements.
Throughout the programme, candidates are alerted to the benefits of professional registration with council of their relevant profession.

Interns are placed with host workplace training employers with the aim of exposing them to the culture of the workplace

For further information please contact:
Mr Joseph Komane
Skills Development Practitioner 
Tel: +27 12 346 3985 / 087 980 5009
Fax: +27 12 346 3986
Email: joseph@cbe.org.za / keabetswe@cbe.org.za / info@cbe.org.za

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