Maths and Science Support Programmes

The CBE Maths and Science support programme aims to enable school learners from disadvantaged communities to obtain better grades in these subjects in order to attract them into built environment professions and associated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers.

CBE executes this through partnerships with credible service providers, capable of delivering improved Maths and Science results in rural areas. The project is implemented in the provinces. Working with the relevant provincial department of education Grade 12 learners, who can potentially benefit from the programme, are identified. Learners attend weekend classes in Maths and Science, and are also exposed to the world of work and career expos during winter school. Their quarterly exam results are used to track their progress and influence of the programme.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Joseph Komane
Acting Manager: Skills Development
Tel: +27 12 346 3985
Email: /

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