What is accreditation?

Programme accreditation forms an important component of increasing university throughput of built environment graduates who have the relevant knowledge base to practice in the South African BE. The intentions behind accrediting institutions of learning and BE courses of study:
  • The offerings are of high standards
  • The offerings are relevant to the needs of South African built environment
  • The offerings keep with changes both nationally and internationally
The councils for the professions are empowered by their respective Acts to accredit BE academic programmes and institutions. The CBE exercises an oversight role, derived from the CBE Act, to ensure that the BE academic programmes at tertiary institutions (traditionally Universities and Universities of Technology) meet the quality assurance requirements of the Council for Higher Education (CHE). It has thus developed a BE accreditation oversight framework programme, based on the CHE’s 19 Accreditation Criteria principles, to be implemented by the councils for the professions during accreditation.

The public is advised to check on the accreditation status of the course/institution before enrolment.

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