CBE delivers its mandate through the following operational programmes. These are:

Skills for Infrastructure Delivery, which drives skills development and transformation in the built environment. The focus areas of this Programme are on the Workplace Training and the Maths and Science support projects. Additionally, this Programme translates the knowledge generated from its pilot projects into frameworks/action plans.

Built Environment Research, Information and Advisory through which CBE provides informed and researched advice to Government on priority matters in the built environment.

Regulation and Oversight of six councils for the Built Environment Professions (CBEP) to ensure that CBE acts as an appeal body on matters of law regulating built environment professionals, and to promote sound governance in the Councils for the professionals.

Government Policies and Priorities to ensure that built environment courses of study at institutions and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes are dynamic and include elements of a transforming society.

Transformation – an over aching priority that permeates all of CBE’s operational programmes to redress inequities of South Africa’s past such as the racial and gender balance