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The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) is the regulatory authority for the architectural profession. SACAP is responsible for: Providing for registration of persons within the architectural profession; protecting the public against unprofessional conduct by registered persons; guiding the profession and promoting the standards of education and training in the Built Environment.

Legislative background

The Architectural Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 44 of 2000) (referred to as “the Act”), was published on 1 December 2000 and came into operation on 26 January 2001. The Act replaced the Architect Act of 1970, which affects all persons practising in the architectural profession. After 30 June 2006, registration with SACAP became compulsory for all persons practising architecture in the following categories: Professional Architect, Professional Senior Architectural Technologist, Professional Architectural Technologist and Professional Architectural Draughtsperson, as well as the candidates in all four categories.


People-centred architecture for South Africa.


SACAP will transform, promote and regulate the architectural profession through collaborative engagement in the pursuit of excellence.


  • Responsibility: being accountable for our decision and actions
  • Excellence: promoting high standards
  • Respect: ethos of dignity, tolerance and consideration
  • Transparency: appropriate disclosure of information and open debate
  • Cohesiveness: shared, coherent values and aspirations

Contact Details:

Tel.: + 27 11 479 5000
Fax: + 27 11 479 5100

Physical Address:
51 Wessel Road
Right Wing
Sandton 2128
Postal Address :
P.O. Box 1500



Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)


The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) is a statutory body established in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (No. 46 of 2000), and derives its mandate and responsibilities from the Act.

The main focus of the Act is the promotion of public health and safety and all aspects relevant to the actions of persons registered with ECSA. Public interest is encompassed in ECSA’s mission statement that reflects its commitment to education and training:

“To ensure, through a process of quality assurance, that persons entering the profession are educated and trained according to widely accepted standards, so as to be able to render a professional service for the benefit of the public and the country as a whole.”


To ensure that South Africa enjoys all the benefits of a strong, competent, growing, sustainable and representative engineering profession, able to provide all the expertise necessary for the socio-economic needs of the country and exert a positive influence in the Southern African region.


To create circumstances in which society is confident that the engineering profession in South Africa is able to carry out the functions necessary for the socio-economic growth in the country. This is done through:
  • Setting and monitoring of standards to international norms;
  • Certifying and ensuring the competence of individuals through registration;
  • Ensuring quality of engineering education through accreditations;
  • Regulating professional conduct; and
  • Growing the profession, in quantity and quality, in partnership with stakeholders.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 11 607 9500
Fax: +27 11 662 9295
E-Mail: engineer@ecsa.co.za

Physical Address:
1st Floor, Waterview Corner Building
2 Ernest Oppenheimer Avenue
Bruma Lake Office Park,

Postal Address:
Private Bag X691

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture Council

The South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession (SACLAP)


The South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession (SACLAP) was established as a statutory council in terms of Section 2 of the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession Act (No. 45 of 2000), referred to as The Act hereafter. The council evolved out of the Board of Control for Landscape Architects (BOCLASA), which functioned under the Council of Architects in terms of The Architectural Act, Act 73 of 1970.


The purpose of SACLAP, as quoted directly from the Landscape Architectural Profession Act, Act No. 45 of 2000, is:

“To provide for the establishment of a juristic person to be known as the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession;
to provide for the registration of professionals, candidates and specified categories in the landscape architectural profession;
to provide for the regulation of the relationship between the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession and the Council for the Built Environment;
and to provide for matters connected therewith.”


To establish, sustain, advance and govern the Landscape Professions in the interest of the public and to the benefit of the environment.


SACLAP achieves the vision by:
  • Delivering on its mandates in the service of the public,
  • Ensuring a stable Council,
  • Transforming and growing the landscape professions through the recognition of competencies, and
  • Establishing a sphere of influence within the Built Environment Professions (BEPs).


SACLAP’s mission is underpinned by:
  • Integrity: upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.
  • Transparency: consultation, accessible information and increasing openness.
  • Equality: transform the landscape professions.

Contact Details:

The Registrar
Bernadette Vollmer
Tel: 082 567 7592
Email: registrar@saclap.org.za

Physical Address:
4 Karen Street
Bryanston West

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 868
South Africa

Property Valuation

Property Valuation

SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)


SACPVP is a statutory body established on 1 January 1983 as the South African Council for Valuers, which was replaced by the SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession, established by Section 2 of The Property Valuers Profession Act, 2000.

The SACPVP sees itself in partnership with the State and the valuers profession to promote a high level of education and training of practitioners in the Property Valuers Profession, so as to facilitate full recognition of professionalism in the valuers profession, both locally and abroad. SACPVP purports to protect the public against any improper conduct of its registered persons.


To create a transformed property valuer profession that delivers world-class valuation services.


The vision of the Council will be achieved by:
  • Providing professionalism and high standards of competency in the profession;
  • Providing guidelines for education and continuing education and training (CET);
  • Promoting access to the profession by all members of society;
  • Promoting awareness of the range of valuation services; and
  • Making the property values profession a career of choice.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 12 348 8643
Fax: +27 12 348 7528
VOIP No: 087 150 7415
Email: info@sacpvp.co.za

Physical Address
77 Kariba Street
Lynnwood Glen

Postal Address
PO Box 114

Project & Construction

Project & Construction

South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP)


To be a world-class regulatory body for the Built Environment Management Professions


To create an enabling environment for the promotion, growth and transformation of Built Environment Management Professions through advocacy, research and best practice


  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 11 318 3402
Fax: +27 11 318 3405
Email: admin@sacpcmp.org.za

Physical Address International Business Gateway,
Gateway Creek
Cnr New Road and 6th Road,

Postal Address
PO Box 6286
Halfway House

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Council

South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP)


The Quantity Surveying profession has benefited from a governing institution in one form or another since 1905. The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors was formed in 1971 with the proclamation of Act 36 of 1970. This legislation, with subsequent amendments, governed the profession up until the establishment of the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP) in terms of the Quantity Surveying Professions Act (No 49 of 2000), which was promulgated on 26 November 2000 and came into operation on 26 January 2001.


To be an appropriate regulatory body for a dynamic, successful and ever-evolving Quantity Surveying profession who are leaders in the development of the built environment.


To ensure that the Council fulfils its mandate in developing and maintaining standards, in the achievement of excellence and integrity in the enhancement of the status of the Quantity Surveying profession, and the protection of the public within an evolving environment.


  • Integrity – Honesty and ethical behaviour
  • Excellence – Highest standards, quality of services, and enforcement of best practice
  • Professionalism – Commitment to ethical behaviour, quality service, social responsibility and accountability
  • Innovation – Development and maintenance of best practice, adapting to and initiating change and being leaders in the field in updating technology changes
  • Respect – Demonstrate respect through responsiveness, fairness, respect for other professionals and transparency

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 11 312 2560/1 Fax: +27 11 312 2562 E-mail: admin@sacqsp.co.za
Postal address:
P.O. Box 654
Halfway House 1685

Physical address:
Unit C 27, Block C
Lone Creek
Waterfall Office Park
Bekker Road
Vorna Valley Ext 21

Postal Address
PO BOx 654
Halfway House 1685