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CBE Council members

Statutory Category Sector Representation Appointed Members
Section 5(2)(a): Department of Public Works Department of Public Works Mr C Mtshisa
Section 5(2)(b): State Departments Higher Education and Training Mr ZC Mvalo
  Environmental Affairs Ms MM Tshangela
Section5(2)(c): Professional Councils SACLAP Ms CA Breed
  SACLAP Ms AA Steyn
  SACQSP Prof KA Michell
  SACPVP Ms EG Makongwana
  SACPVP Mr JL Margolius
  ECSA Ms A Sassenberg
  ECSA Dr T Mathe
  SACPCMP Mr D Michell
  SACPCMP Mr IM Nkosi (Chairperson)
  SACAP Mr ND Lombard
  SACAP Mr S Thubane
Section 5(2)(d): Public Representatives    Ms NF Sithole 
(Deputy Chairperson)
     Mr RG Sefotlho

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